Lead Free Ammo Saves Wildlife

  Lead Free Ammo Saves Wildlife   The hunting community is always trying to focus on the issues that harm our environment and cause various species to be erased from this planet. In fact, they are the largest contributors to everything from the EPA to local and community parks, etc.. There are, however, those that […]

Regulating the American Bison

  Regulating the American Bison   Although the horse seems to be taking all the headlines this past month (and not in a good way), the bison has garnered some ‘media’ as well…but in a far more interesting way that shows the extreme necessity of the hunting community. Whether you know it or not, the […]

A Hunter’s Lease Means a Better Habitat

  A Hunter’s Lease Means a Better Habitat   Leasing private lands for hunting is a demand that has been growing over the last decade. More and more people in the United States are searching for that perfect place where they can hunt; property that is managed well and will allow hunter’s various wildlife to […]

Add Years to the Life of Your OutBoard with Fresh Water Flushing

  Add Years to the Life of Your OutBoard with Fresh Water Flushing  Most of us take good care of our marine equipment. We wash and wax our boats and outboards, change the oil and oil filter regularly, and replace the fuel filters, but what about your outboard’s cooling system.  Unfortunately, it is often overlooked […]

Hitting the Water in the Best Areas Ever Created!

  Hitting the Water in the Best Areas Ever Created!   Whether inshore or out on the open seas, fishing is a great sport, industry, entertainment – frankly, it covers all categories. And it’s no surprise where the best fishing cities are. One, of course, is not a shocker at all, especially after watching the […]

Sacramento Bluegrass Update – April 2013

Here are some items that I didn’t know about when the monthly newsletter was sent out or that I want to emphasize (See last item.). In Memoriam Joe Wilson lost his battle with cancer and went home to be with his Lord on Easter Sunday, March 31.  Joe was a ?ne Christian gentleman and volunteered to share his musical […]

Virginia Cave Week to feature tours of Frederick County natural area

RICHMOND — Free walking tours of Ogdens Cave Natural Area Preserve in Frederick County are the highlight of Virginia Cave Week this year. Cave Week, April 21-27, is a special opportunity for Virginians to learn about the world beneath their feet. The week is intended to raise awareness of Virginia’s caves — and surrounding limestone […]